Requiring power yoga poses with a direct impact on the body, causing the body to consume bone near 300 calories (energy) in every class of 45 minutes.
Yoga fitness has a huge effect in the burning of fat and firming of the abdomen, back, thighs and hips (the heart muscle groups).


With the aim to increase flexibility, balance capabilities, and the ability to maintain posture, discipline makes the body and mind become stronger through exercise patience.
Besides Yoga is also very focused on collective breath control along with physical activity, may help improve the body's metabolism, stimulates the muscles arms, legs, hips development. This program is suitable for those who want to increase muscle, regain balance, body slimming.


YOGA exercise method is the most effective prevention and recuperation most quickly, while helping us to balance and harmony between the two elements to good physical and mental, will be put to good effect in all social activities and in their personal lives.
YOGA can say discipline is very comprehensive and appropriate for everyone and all ages. (Children 4 years old can meditate, on 13 may set Asana).