The body will have the strength and flexibility, toned, joints are lubricated the internal organs are constantly massage. The circulation is improved, invigorating and fatigue, get slim body. In addition, there is a calm and focused high, unrestrained emotions, control their actions and bring peace of mind ...

With the method "a breath- a movement" actually burns calories, heated body temperature helps improve blood circulation and flow of people set a lot of sweat, you excrete toxins from the body.

Teachers guide students perform each action a mature way. Then the teacher just observe and adjust the posture to the participant. This is a good opportunity for students to develop themselves because they have to try and learn from the people themselves around. As was done in the class itself, the students can fully implement at home.

Ashtanga yoga is very popular and requires the dedication of the students. So the type of yoga is suitable for those who want to do something special for myself.