If you're bored with the exercises with all kinds of weights, treadmill, ... or simply that you want to find one method brings more excitement to the practice - The Jump classroom Body Fitness World will be a good choice.

Body Jump is one of class practice in GroupX group, trampoline used as a tool for effective Cardio workout.


Body Jump classes lasting to 60 minutes , is recommended for all members eligible to practice physical activities except pregnant women and those with unstable joints (ankles, knees and hips)


Enabling jump not only firming the muscles and also significantly improve endurance for exercise. In addition, with the support of the mattress springs, the body practice jump will not suffer too much impact on their bones and joints, thereby minimizing the injury in training.

Jump Body workout daily will bring significant improvements to the activity of the muscles , heart , respiratory system , improve blood circulation , detoxify the liver , kidney ...
The amount of energy consumption : 45-60 minutes 400-600 calories .
Impact : Lose weight , strengthens the legs, back  and effectively reducing belly fat .