Even when practicing at the 5-star superior fitness, one of the most frustrating experiences for people practicing the secret feeling that is imperative in a confined space.
Understand that, at Fitness World, we bring to our members a full experience freedom through a unique outdoor classroom.
That's Outdoor Bootcamp classes - Unique in Hanoi.
A class combines various types of cardio training, exercises handed, instrument exercises, relaxation yoga ...
Each post will be the test, change the way training continuous, non-stop pace.


The exercise of military-style training including group actions, each post impact on body parts such as: push-ups, squats, sprints, sit-ups, .. .
Bootcamp workouts will help you go beyond the limits of the body and all the barriers set up by the thought of itself created to accomplish the goal.

Especially requiring teamwork in each individual , to jointly overcome the challenges of BOOT CAMP most effective way .


Whether you are a beginner or have long-term practice , you will be pushed to the limits of themselves and be encouraged to overcome such limitations with the help of the coach .
The amount of energy consumption : 45-60 minutes 400-500 calories .
Impact : Lose weight , increase stamina , strength with high intensity .
Form: group training program with muscle relaxation exercises , jogging , lifting weights , training TRX wire , push ... conclude that muscle relaxation with yoga .