Flow Yoga movements are often inclined to enhance physical exercise. Furthermore, the movements of Yoga Flow requires practitioners to have flexibility and withstand high-intensity workouts. So joining this class the members will be guide on how to achieve the best flexibility to the body.

Including  twisting postures, dorsiflexion before and after. Teachers guide you from this position to another position to the music, follow your breath to bring vitality to the body, mind and your spirit.

The health of the episode will be improved:
• increase the strength of muscles, maintain blood circulation, increase endurance,
• purifies muscles and organs by releasing toxins in the body sweat out the form,
• help fight infection, reduce the risk of injury by helping the muscles to relax and not be tense,
• stimulate the activity level and metabolism speeds up the process of decomposition of glucose and fatty acids, help your body become stronger, while supporting weight loss

Yoga Flow athletes using a series of successive positions while practicing breathing. Each movement are combined with a breath , just breathe in and breathe out . The postures are not kept long in a fixed position and usually flows with the rhythm to achieve synchronization.

Synchronized breathing will help you gain control over conscious about your body . This form of breathing relaxes the mind and body , and releases the energy flow in the body circulation . The vital organs are getting enough blood due to focused efforts such breathing .